London Overground

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Written by Carl

Alongside all the health and wellbeing benefits that walking brings, it’s also a fantastic way of connecting with your environment whether it’s the Highlands of Scotland or the heart of a busy city. A walk in surroundings, strange or familiar, always reveals something new and surprising.

Maria Fleming from Strathclyde University captured the wonder of walking in an unfamiliar city with the following photos of a walk through London earlier this week. Maria dodged the busy Underground and went overground through the streets of London

“I had to be in London for the day on Monday 15th April. I arrived at Euston with plenty of time to spare and the sun was shining brightly. Inspired by the fact that it was the first day of the challenge, and to save a little bit of money, I decided to walk as much as possible rather than use the Underground. Armed with an A-Z, and my camera, I managed to walk 18,626 steps, including along most of the length of Oxford Street, around Soho, and along Brompton Road, Piccadilly and the edge of Green Park.


“The first photo, Graffiti, shows some graffiti that I thought was interesting, and would never have seen if I had simply jumped on the Tube.


“The second picture, Reflections, is a photo I tried to take of a little reusable bag with a Union Jack pattern, which because of the sunshine, lead to an interesting shot of reflections in the window of the coffee shop.

Reaching Green Park

“The final picture, Reaching Green Park, is from when I reached Green Park Underground Station, where I had to get the Underground to get back to Euston for my train back up to Glasgow (I might have missed it otherwise!). The good weather certainly helped, but it was very motivating knowing that I would be starting the challenge by walking much more than usual!”

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