Global Energy Group and the Easter Bunny!

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Written by Frances Bain

With Easter upon us here's a great update from Emma Christie at Global Energy Group:

'Now I've seen a few articles on the blog about various teams I thought I would take a moment to introduce the 4 teams I've been coordinating for the Global Energy Group Services Stream; The Natural Disasters, The Sole Survivors, Wii (un)Fit and finally The Shy Teds  spread over Inverness, Evanton, Dyce and Great Yarmouth!

I'm on Team Wii (un)Fit and we've been a consistent second place in our league table since the beginning of the Challenge – our Captain, Jennifer Harper is really pushing us to make up the difference in thesenatural disasters last few weeks. The other Team Captains; Andrea Schou (Sole Survivors), Jemma Sutherland (Natural Disasters) and Dionne Robertson (Shy Teds) have done an amazing job keeping their Teams going, through engagements, holidays, illness and what is shaping up to be an exceptionally busy time work-wise for all of us.

 As part of my contribution to motivating all 4 Teams I send out a weekly email 'newsletter' with interesting 'stats', tips and facts. This week, with the Easter holiday weekend looming up I decided to give everyone a few Easter-y facts based on our Team totals, shy teds x 4seeing as we've now clocked up a combined total of over 10 million steps and I thought that everyone in the Challenge might like to see these!

 We have now traveled 10,186,149 steps, that's approximately 5,093 miles between us all – it's only 1238 miles to Rome or 2492 miles to Jerusalem from Dyce.  3811 miles gets us to Srinagar, Kashmir but we're still a little short of Shingo, Japan at 5368 miles (guess the connection?!).  Now - to chocolate!  If we measured the distance we've traveled in miles in Cadburys Crème Eggs we would now have a whopping 149 MILLION of them (Cadburys make 45 million of them every year, that's over 3 years supply!) – doubtful we'd eat them all before Christmas Eve and you'd be looking at over 25 BILLION calories if you did!  If you prefer the larger Easter Eggs you'd still have over 78 MILLION of them to eat before next year and probably wouldn't be able to take that many steps after getting through all of those.  Gettingwii unfit more random now...if we measured that distance in Easter Bunnies (*sigh* the things I do to keep you interested!) we would now have 23,418,196 fluffy new friends to play with, and seeing as each female bunny out of that 23 million are capable of producing 800 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren per bunny per season we'd have... AN AWFUL LOT OF BUNNIES.

If anyone else wanted to work out their distance in Crème Eggs I used the following numbers: a Crème Egg is 5.5cm tall and contains 173.6 calories, there are 160,934cm in a mile, if you divide your step count by 1000 then divide by 0.5 you get your count in miles (roughly).  A large Easter egg is around 10.5cm tall.  The average Easter Bunny is 35cm long (I have measured the ACTUAL Easter Bunny of course).  Multiply your miles by 160,934 to get the cm you've travelled then divide by Crème Eggs, Easter Eggs or Easter Bunnies, whatever takes your fancy! 

I'm so proud of all our Teams who have really pushed themselves to keep going and want to thank them all for the massive commitment they've made to improving their own health, and the health of their colleagues at work.  When you get people this enthusiastic it makes my job 10 times easier.'


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