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Written by Theresa Kewell

Hannah Morrison

Congratulations to everyone who submitted photos for the photo competition - and congratulations to the winners. From the photos that have been posted it's superb to see the variety of views and landscapes both urban and rural as well as some of the gorgeous detailed shots of nature (plants, animals, rivers, sunsets and the weather!). I love too the ones of people enjoying being outdoors and having fun - the latest ones of the little boy and the snail and the family hiding behind the trees are great. All in all you've really captured what 'simple pleasures, easily found' is all about - enjoying and having fun outdoors - so thanks very much for all taking part.

I hope your challenges are going well and you'll continue to look at and enjoy your experiences with nature - whatever and wherever they are.

We have quite alot of publicity happening at the moment as we're helping to promote Biodiversity Week (19-27 May) when there'll be lots of events happening around Scotland. To see if there's an event near you, or to run your own, however big or small, visit the Biodiversity Week website

Hannah Morrison2

In addition to that, we're promoting the "Take time out with nature challenge" in and around Glasgow particularly, to encourage everyone to get into the outdoors at least once a week - for a whole year. Look out for advertising in key outdoor places, on the underground, in the Evening Times, Daily Record and on facebook (search for 'Nature on your doorstep'). The Evening Times are featuring a supplement on Thursday 3rd May all about enjoying nature in Glasgow as well as a free take time out with nature challenge wall planner towards the end of the month.

If you'd like your own take time out with nature challenge bag dangle book or other resources you can visit our website to see what's available, contact us at or call the publications section on 01738 458530.

The pictures above were taken by Hannah Morrison on a walk round Lochmaddy on North Uist.

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