A message from George, Paths for All's Chairman

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Written by Frances Bain

You have heard the old saying that you should practice what you preach; well here at Paths for All we are certainly doing that. Between the staff and the directors we have five teams taking parting in the step count challenge, that equates to ¾ of all staff and directors taking part.


On a personal note I am team leader of the director team " Misdirected ".We are now into our seventh week and have settled into a pattern of achieving around 330,000  steps a week. This has been reached by just changing our mind set  by parking slightly further away from work, or taking public transport and walking the remaining distance to that meeting. I work from home so on these days find it hard to achieve a reasonable total for that day, so how I get around that is I go for a walk at the end of the day to get my total up. At the weekend I now walk four miles for my Sunday papers, rather than jumping in the car.loch leven


I have set our team a small challenge for motivation. I am off on holiday to Portugal the last day of the step challenge so we are seeing if we can walk from Kinross to Faro in the 12 week period . By the end of week six we were just 162 miles off the Spanish border, that means we have covered 1142 miles of the 1965 miles total. Looks like I am going to get to the sun a week or two early!

Remember this challenge should be fun and most of all you should enjoy yourself. Keep up the good work and happy walking.



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