Survey Questionnaire

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You can use the survey for the networks listed below.

Firstly, download the paper version of the questionnaire. You will be using this to collect data in the field, so photocopy it as many times as you will need.

Path Benefits Survey Questionnaire   
(requires a PDF reader)


Please ensure that everyone who conducts surveys has read, understood and signed the guidance for interviewers before starting the data collection.

You can also download Show Cards to use with the questionnaire.

To transfer these responses to Survey Monkey, please choose the name of the network from the list (the survey will automatically 'loop' to a new response at the end of each):



Blair Atholl




Get the results

Please follow the link to the results page. Please refer to Section 5 of the toolkit for guidance on how to filter the results

All responses

This link is password-protected - please request the updated password

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If your network is not listed on this page, you can request a link to be added. You cannot use the survey without a specific 'collector' - all collectors are password-protected.

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