Getting hold of the survey

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Once you have planned where, when and how many interviews to conduct, you need gain access to the questionnaire. The survey is available to download  (requires a PDF reader). This questionnaire can then be printed for use in data collection.

However, in order to reduce the effort in making sense of results, the initial data analysis for the survey is done using Survey Monkey, an online service. The Survey Monkey website holds all the data from Path Benefits Evaluations and each path group is responsible for transferring the data from paper questionnaires to the online ‘database’.

The responses from each network are stored in a separate ‘collector’ to avoid the data getting mixed up. Therefore, in order to use the questionnaire you will need to request a link [this could provide a link to a 'form' in the web-based version] to your collector - this will allow you to input the responses and have the initial analysis completed automatically. You will be given a password that is unique to your collector. Please safeguard this password to prevent spurious data being added.

Once you have a collector link for your network, print enough copies of the blank form for your surveyors (do not complete this version of the form on a computer as the answers cannot be saved) and ensure that each interviewer understands the questions and can complete the form accurately on paper.

About the toolkit

This toolkit has been designed and written by Walking-the-Talk based on research and initial development by the Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University.

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