Analysing your results

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In order to analyse the data that you have entered, you will need another password for the data analysis page. This password is changed on a regular basis, so if you find that the password given no longer works, please make a further request.

From this link you will see ALL the data that has been entered (i.e. you are getting a National picture). In order to see the data for your network you need to filter the data by the name of your ‘collector’, which allows you to display just the responses from your network. The first thing to do is to check that the data that has been entered is accurate (e.g. number of responses matches number of interviews conducted) before undertaking any analysis.

In addition to selecting results from your ‘collector’, you can choose to view results that are based on particular answers (choose filter by responses). The most obvious selection is to use the response to ‘How would you describe yourself?’ to show results that are from residents or visitors. This will help you to calculate the economic impact of the network (see section 5).

The filtering of results can be a powerful tool in helping to analyse your results. However, you need to spend some time thinking about the ‘logic’ of these filters, and the potential complexity makes it difficult to provide useful guidance for every scenario within this toolkit. As a general guide, you can use the filters to narrow down the responses from particular groups of respondents, with specific help in creating filters being available from Survey Monkey. The following are some examples of filtered results:

  • People living locally AND aged 65+
  • People living locally AND aged 44 - 55 OR aged 65+
  • Visitors AND staying at home
  • Visitors AND NOT staying at home
  • Responses made in Spring

You may find that there are already a series of filters available - please do not change any existing filters, but you may find it useful to investigate how others have selected different responses to analyse.

Caution: when you are filtering the data to produce a ‘subset’ of responses, you still need to make sure that there are enough responses to be confident that the results are meaningful. Drawing conclusions about the economic impact of these respondents (e.g. visitors who are not staying at home) can be dangerous if you only have 5 responses in this category.

Once you have created the filters to give the sub-set of results for your network, you can view the responses on the screen or download them. The results can be downloaded either as a summary report, or with the individual responses included (remember to tick the box to download the sub-set using your filtered results). To download a copy of the responses in spreadsheet format that you can use to make calculations choose ‘condensed format’ and ‘actual text’ options. You will need to format the columns of the downloaded file using your spreadsheet programme (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Open Office) in order to read the responses easily.

About the toolkit

This toolkit has been designed and written by Walking-the-Talk based on research and initial development by the Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University.

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