Virgin Money volunteers help people with long term conditions enjoy the outdoors

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Volunteering as a workplace not only gives back to communities, but it allows for staff to get to know each other in a setting outside the office.

These volunteers from Virgin Money spent a day at Leuchie House, a respite centre for people with long term conditions, helping put our Community Path Grant awarded to Leuchie to good use!

One volunteer explained what she gets out of their Community Volunteer Days:

“This is the fourth year that I’ve organised our volunteer day here at Leuchie so it’s a great bond that we have, they always make us feel so welcome. It really widens the circle of the Virgin Money office too, 11 of us were able to come along and help today.

“I think our staff get a lot out of taking part in volunteer days. Helping Leuchie firstly, but it’s also good for all different departments to bond. We’re based on all different floors – so for us to get together whilst helping the charity and having a chat is great.

“We hope that by clearing the path and making it less slippy the guests will be able to get out more and enjoy it. I just love being able to help.”

The volunteers had the task of upgrading a woodland walkway that had fallen into disrepair and had become dangerous and inaccessible for guests, particularly wheelchair users.

“We’re encouraged to take our community volunteer days, we heard about all the good work that Leuchie House does and wanted to get group of people to get involved to come and support them.

“It’s really nice to be able to help a community and get involved. We can really see the difference that this will make to people, and for me that’s really rewarding even when we haven’t started yet. I’d love to do it more often if we could!

“It’s also nice to do something in a team work environment, we often all work on our own projects and we all work in different areas so it’s actually really nice for us to all come together and have a conversation. “

The house provides unique respite breaks for people with long term, degenerative conditions including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, as well as spinal injuries and the effects of stroke.

“I imagine the work we are doing will have a huge impact on the guests. Mentally, being able to come outside. I imagine it’s quite difficult for them to get outside, especially when they are at home, so just be able to come out in the fresh air and see the beautiful grounds, I just think for their well-being it will be so good.”

The work at Leuchie House was funded by our Community Path Grant, find out more.


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