Using Inland Water Responsibly: Guidance for All Water Users

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This Guidance is intended to assist all water users to share inland water in Scotland in such a way that the interests of all are considered and respected.

The Guidance, developed through a process of consultation and consensus building, aims to demonstrate how the different interests of water users can be responsibly, proactively and positively integrated.  It is hoped that commercial and educational guides, coaches and instructors, riparian owners, fishing proprietors or their agents, fishing associations, ghillies etc, who regularly use inland water (lochs, rivers, canals and reservoirs) with clients, will brief them on the good practice guidelines in this document.  It is hoped that clubs and individuals will follow this guidance.

While it may not be possible for every aspect of the Guidance to be achieved when applied to an individual set of circumstances, the intention is to foster mutual understanding and respect and to assist with finding practicable ways of sharing rivers, lochs and canals responsibly.  This document does not aim to cover the full range of potential environmental impacts that may be associated with the use and management of inland water; neither does it specifically cover other users of areas around inland waters, for example walkers, bird watchers, shooting proprietors, however elements of this guidance may be appropriate to them.

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