Paths for All welcomes doubling of Active Travel budget

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Great news for the health of our nation as Scottish Government announces increased investment in active travel.

The Scottish Government recently announced that the budget for Active Travel is doubling to £80 million, as part of their Programme for Government. Paths for All sees this announcement as a step in the right direction towards a happier, healthier Scotland where more journeys are taken on foot and by bike. Increasing active travel in communities helps to create a healthier, socially inclusive, economically vibrant and environmentally friendly Scotland.

Ian Findlay, Paths for All’s Chief Officer said,

“The doubling of the active travel budget to £80 million per annum is a real game changer for active travel in Scotland. It has the potential to be truly transformative.

The challenge now is to for the public, private and third sectors to continue to work closely together to deliver the step change. We look forward to working with Transport Scotland and other delivery partners to further develop and promote active travel in Scotland.”

Working to promote active travel behaviour change

Paths for all have been working with Transport Scotland since 2015 to influence active travel behaviour change. Our Smarter Choices, Smarter Places (SCSP) fund aims to reduce car use and increase sustainable and active journeys. This will cut Scotland’s carbon emissions, improve air quality and help reverse the trend towards sedentary lifestyles. The SCSP fund supports local authorities to deliver behaviour change initiatives to make walking and cycling a mode of choice.

Now in its third year, the SCSP programme has already seen positive results from the initiatives promoting active travel across Scotland. Paths for All have produced a range of case studies featuring local authorities across Scotland.

Midlothian Council’s SCSP funded campaign targeted rail users to travel to and from the station actively and saw a 4% increase in cycling and an 11% increase in walking.

In Renfrewshire, members of a target population were offered a range of tailored travel information, advice and incentives to encourage them to cut their car use and try cycling, walking, buses or trains for a week. One third of participants stated that they changed their travel habits after taking part.

Find out more about the SCSP funded work in this series of case studies.

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