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Here at Paths for All, we would like more people to enjoy the benefits of everyday walking.

One way to achieve this is to ensure more of a focus on walking within government policy and practice at both national and local levels.

We are working to improve policies and strategies that support the main themes in our strategy which are:

  • Walking for health
  • Developing active environments
  • Active travel

We do this through inputting to consultations, briefings, participation in forums or working groups, cross party groups in the Parliament and by working with our partners to influence change.

It’s vital for us to advocate for change at a national level but it is equally important to influence things at a regional and local level. Good examples of this kind of opportunity to promote walking are:

  • Physical activity strategies
  • Transport and active travel strategies
  • Community Planning Partnerships – Local Outcomes Improvement Plans (which covers whole council areas) and Locality Plans.
  • National Park Plans
  • Local Authority Development Plans

Embedding the right policies in these types of documents really does help promote walking in the longer term.

Recently, we have had an input into a broad range of policies including the Scottish Government National Performance Framework, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Partnership Plan 2018-2023, and “A Healthier Future - Action and Ambitions on Diet, Activity and Healthy Weight” which aims to tackle obesity.

We also recently commented on Scottish Government proposals for a strategy to tackle social isolation and loneliness and build stronger social connections. We were pleased that the strategy recognised the value of our work to develop and deliver an action plan for the National Walking Strategy and to promote physical activity more generally.

Paths for All also submitted a great deal of evidence to the consultation for the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) guideline [NG90]: Physical Activity & the Environment which was published March 2018. The Guideline now recognises the importance of making it as easy as possible for people to be more active in their daily lives through walking or cycling.

In the coming months, we will also be having an input into important pieces of proposed legislation such as the Planning (Scotland) Bill and the Transport (Scotland) Bill.

For the Planning (Scotland) Bill, we will propose a duty to promote walking and active travel and, for the Transport (Scotland) Bill, we will welcome proposals to control parking on pavements and to improve bus services.

We are also looking forward to the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill which is setting targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the proposed Restricted Roads (20mph Limit) (Scotland) Bill after the summer.

Paths for All will also be promoting policy on Walkability as part of the National Transport Strategy and we will be contributing to the New Scottish Government Active Scotland Delivery Plan and the Strategic Transport Projects Review.

If you would like more information, contact: policy@pathsforall.org.uk

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