New Trainers ready to get Scotland walking

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Last week, we trained up 14 enthusiastic new Walk Leader Trainers from organisations all across Scotland - from Shetland to Dumfries!

Each new trainer is now equipped with all the skills required to run our Paths for All Walk Leader course for volunteers in their communities. They started off their three day course by learning about what makes a good trainer and how training should appeal to all our senses, strengths and abilities. The beautiful surroundings and grounds at the Iris Murdoch building at Stirling University meant we had plenty of opportunity to learn outside and explore these senses.

The 14 trainers then got to grips with every part of our Walk Leader course, practicing each section, learning from and supporting each other throughout each stage. We were delighted to welcome Tricia Cumming of Active Stirling, our guest speaker, who shared her journey as a Paths for All trainer with the group.

Audrey, one of our newly trained trainers commented: “I thought the course was well planned out. The first day eased us into thinking about how we get our groups working together by introducing fun tasks. It helped me to think about how I communicate with others and the different way people learn and retain information. While the presentation on the last day was a bit nerve-racking it gave me a really good understanding of how I would approach the delivery of the course. Again it was great to see other people’s interpretations and how they may approach things differently.”

James, another course participant said: “I wasn't really sure what to expect but in the end I really enjoyed the course. I don't think many can say that a course could 100% prepare them to run a training day but this came as close to that as could be reasonably expected.” 

Karen can't wait to run her first Walk Leader course stating: "The Paths for All Cascade Training for Trainers course has been one of the most enjoyable training experiences I have had.  Lots of learning, activity, fun and within a friendly, relaxed environment.  The Paths trainers make everyone feel confident in their ability to be Health Walk Leader trainers."

We are delighted to welcome these new trainers to our network of cascade trainers. Over coming months and years they will be training many new volunteers to lead walks in their community, helping people in Scotland to get active, more often.

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