11 things our walkers have said this year

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It's been another busy year for Health Walk projects up and down Scotland, with over 4000 new walkers joining one of the 145 projects across the country.

Some of our walkers have shared their thoughts, feelings and reflections on why they enjoy being part of a Health Walk. Get inspired by '11 things our walkers have said this year.'

1. "Good for friendship. Good for health."

2. "I've learnt new walks and interesting places I've not visited before."

3. "Enthusiastic and pleasant Walk Leader, and coffee after our walk makes this an enjoyable morning."

4. "Great, easy way to increase my activity level and help improve my overall wellbeing."

5. "I do not walk on my own. I need the company and companionship of the group for encouragement."

6. "Mind and body feel more alert and fitter!"

7. "The buggy group gives mums the moral support they often need when on maternity leave."

8. "I feel more relaxed and not so short of breath."

9. "Living on my own, I'm grateful to have the company of the group."

10. "It's a rewarding experience, participating with a diverse, active and interesting group of walkers."

11. "I benefit from the fresh air, exercise and social contact."

Are you interested in joining a Health Walk near you? Find out more here.

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