When is our project notifiable?

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The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) will apply to all path projects when pathwork, or even bridge or boardwalk installation work, is carried out.

Some of those projects will be 'notifiable' projects that need notifying to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), whilst others will not.

Your project is only 'notifiable' to the HSE if the work will, is expected to,:

  • Last MORE than 30 working days and have MORE than 20 workers working on site at any one time, or;

  • Involve MORE than 500 person days.

If your project will or you expect it to exceed either one of those notification thresholds above, then it is 'notifiable' to the HSE under the CDM Regulations 2015.

If it does not exceed any of those thresholds, you do not need to notify project to the HSE - the project will then be classed as a 'non-notifiable' project.

It is worth noting, that project work carried out before the construction phase begins should not be considered and included.  For example, design work carried out by the designer at the projects design stage of pre-construction stages is not required.

It is also important to note the following points:

  • A 'working day' is classed as any day, or part of a day, on which construction work takes place.  Even if the planned work will only be for 2 hour duration, it will need to be classed as a 'working day' when determining if the project is 'notifiable'.   So any day on which work takes place during construction phase should be counted.  What matters is how many days of construction work the project entails, not when these days occur, or the start and finish dates.
  • A 'person day' relates to one individual who carries out construction work on one individual day.  It includes workers, plant operators, etc.  But they do not actually have to be carrying out any manual work or operating plant to be involved in construction work - if the person is supervising or managing the project on site they must be included as a 'person day'.

As a general rule, you should calculate the number of working days and number of workers working on site at same time, first.  If the project passes that threshold, then your project is 'notifiable' and you need not worry about the 'more than 500 person days'.

Who must notify our project?

As the client, you must notify your project to the HSE when you expect it to be 'notifiable'.  In practice, you may ask someone else to do this on your behalf, e.g. principal designer.

You must give notice in writing to the HSE, as soon as practical before the construction phase begins.  The written notice must contain the information in Schedule 1 of the CDM Regulations 2015, for example, the address of the site or exact description of its location.

The easiest way to notify your project to the HSE is to use the online electronic interactive form called 'F10' on HSE's website - click here to find out more and access the F10 form.

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