What is 'path construction work' under CDM?

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Before answering the question, it is necessary to understand first - what is 'construction work' under CDM?

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 provides us with definition of what 'construction work' means: 'The carrying out of building, civil engineering or engineering construction work'.

But, the definition is even broader, and includes:

  • The construction, alteration, conversion, fitting out, commissioning, renovation, repair, upkeep, redecoration or other maintenance (including cleaning which involves the use of water or an abrasive at high pressure, or the use of corrosive or toxic substances), de-commissioning, demolition or dismantling of a structure

  • The preparation for an intended structure, including site clearance, exploration, investigation (but not site survey) and excavation (but not pre-construction archaeological investigations), and the clearance or preparation of the site or structure for use or occupation at its conclusion

  • The assembly on site of prefabricated elements to form a structure or the disassembly on site of pre-fabricated elements, which immediately before such disassembly formed a structure

  • The removal of a structure or part of a structure, or of any product or waste resulting from demolition or dismantling of a structure, or from the disassembly of pre-fabricated elements, which immediately before such disassembly formed a structure

  • The installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair or removal of mechancial, electrical, gas, compressed air, hydraulic, telecommunications, computer or similar services, which are normally fixed within or to a structure

Source: Managing health and safety in construction, Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Throughout the above paragraphs, the word 'stucture' mentioned several times, but what does it actually mean in terms of CDM.  Click on 'Structure' to find out.

So, what is 'path construction work' under CDM?

Here we have provided some examples of path construction work and other work that is 'construction work' under the definition of CDM.  These examples should give you idea and help you to identify if your path project will involve 'construction work', or not as the case may be.

  • Constructing a new path with or without other structures

  • Re-alignment, extending, repairing, replacing, improving or upgrading, and re-constructing an existing path with or without other structures

  • Constructing and erecting a new bridge, boardwalk

  • Repairing, demolishing or dismantling part of an existing bridge, boardwalk

  • Putting in a temporary access route for hauling materials in to a construction site where a structure, like a path is being constructed

  • Putting in a temporary structure, like scaffolding, to support a new bridge and to provide safe and accessible working platform when the bridge is being installed

  • Clearing site vegetation along route in preparation for path construction work

  • Mobilisation or de-mobilisation of site welfare facilities, plant, equipment and materials storage areas, including site fencing, if required before path construction work begin

  • Excavations for drainage system, earthworks, formation tray

  • Digging trial holes for investigating suitability of on-site materials for path construction work

  • Erecting or dismantling entire or part of a prefabricated bridge, boardwalk

  • Disposal of entire or part of a bridge, boardwalk.

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