Turning space

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Path users with bicycles, buggies or prams and wheelchairs and mobility vehicles, as well as horses need plenty of space to be able to manoeuvre through structures like gates, access controls without any hindrance. To ensure least restrictive access, provide turning space adequate for the least manoeuvrable path users likely to be on your path, and everyone else will enjoy the benefit.

turning space

Although the actual size of turning area depends on the length and width of any gate, access control, you should provide at least 1m of path surface (and clear space) beyond the arc of the gate. For one-way opening gates you need to provide enough space for a person to open the gate towards them without needing to come off the path.

The Fieldfare Trust Countryside for All Good Practice Guide (2005) suggests that path turns or structures like gates, kissing gates or chicanes require the following minimum dimensions:

  • For wheelchair users to turn 90°, they require a minimum space of 1.2m x 1.2m

  • In order to turn 180° or 360°, wheelchair users require a minimum space of 2m x 2m

  • If space is limited, by manoeuvring backwards and forwards around a central point, a 180° turn can be done in a 1.5m diameter circle. However, mobility scooters need more room to turn. Some need a turning space of 2.1m. The larger ones need even more space

To find out more about turning space dimensions for range of different user groups have a look here.

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