Specification (Red) surveys

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Specification (Red) surveys are detailed field sketch maps of the current route condition and path construction work required, with accompanying written descriptive notes about the proposed work, to meet the requirements of the defined users. The detailed field sketch maps are created using a standard format and a full set of pictorial symbols, describing everything from large boulders to ditches and drains, etc. The detailed field sketches and written descriptive notes use elastic scale, providing detail where required, and are used as the basis for drawing up the path's cross sectional drawings and specifications which are used to produce a bill of quantities for tendering.

Specification (Red) surveys are the most detailed of the three levels of path survey, and are made up of detailed field sketches of the route as it is now and how it will look after completion of any physical work. They provide a:

  • Pictorial assessment of the current path condition

  • Pictorial description of work required

  • Written description of work required

Specification (Red) surveys are often included in tender documents to guide tendering Contractors when pricing the work and to direct the contracted Contractor undertaking the path construction work on site. For those reasons, the survey sheets need to contain enough detail to identify every item of work required on the route within the construction site.

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