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A Good Practice Guide to Planning, Design, Construction and Maintenance of Lowland Paths in Scotland

This good practice guide has been fully revised and updated from the original "Lowland Path Construction - A Guide to Good Practice" which was published in 2001.

The guide considers all aspects of lowland path development and management and looks at the different stages of path construction projects – planning, design, construction and maintenance.

The guide provides information to help make lowland path management decisions across Scotland from urban areas to rural places. It will also help in making informed decisions about long term management of path networks – for example in response to potential climate change.

There are four main sections:

The guide is mainly aimed at professionals, such as Access Officers. There is a degree of technical information included but our aim was to produce a guide that can be used with the minimum of technical knowledge. We hope that people from community path groups who have limited experience of lowland path development and management will also find the guide useful.

The information has been structured to allow easy navigation to the appropriate level of detail. For example, experienced path managers may be looking for information on a particular path design, whereas those new to this topic may benefit from understanding the principles of lowland path management.

This guide was produced by Paths for All with support from Scottish Natural Heritage.

The guidance in this guide is not standards. The guide has been compiled using the best information available to Paths for All at the time of publication. It is intended as a general guide to the topics and should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice in specific project cases.

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