Invitation to tender

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An invitation to tender is a formal invitation by you as a client to contractors to tender for the supply of contracting services.

An invitation to tender may follow an assessment of received contractors pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ) by you (or the project manager) in response to a contract advertisement.  The purpose of pre-qualification questionnaires is to produce a short list of contractors' most suitable for the project who will then be invited to tender.  This avoids time being wasted assessing inappropriate tenders.

To identify contractors to invite to tender, you or the project manager:

  • Prepare a list of contractors from responses received to any advertisements placed

  • Issue PQQs to listed contractors.

On receiving completed PQQs, you or the project manager:

  • Check the financial details, etc. on the PQQs

  • Prepare a short list of contractors

  • Issue the tender document to contractors on the list

  • Contact the unsuccessful contractors in writing.

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