Health and safety

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One of your first important tasks in commencing a path project is the consideration of health and safety at planning phase.  Many people feel that health and safety is a burden, creates extra work, and costs a project more money.  If, however, you consider health and safety as part of the project, right from the start and not as a bolt-on extra, you will see that it is an important part to making sure a path project is successful and safe to build, and when finished safe to maintain and use as well.

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Everyone involved in a path construction project has 'duty of reasonable care' towards each other, and must comply with legal duties (responsibilities) set by health and safety law and regulations.   Equally those affected by the work, e.g. members of the public, should also be protected from the risks created by those who make them.  Accidents can have serious financial implications for organisations, which could lead to adverse publicity, and a lack of trust.  In the worst case scenario, accidents can also have a significant and long lasting affect on the individual involved.  So, don't ignore health and safety – integrate it in to your projects from the beginning.

There are several health and safety regulations that affect the undertaking of path construction projects, for example, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

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