Geotextiles and geogrids

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Geotextiles and geogrids are man-made ground engineering products made of different grades and strengths of synthetic materials. They are either used individually or in combination (called a geocomposite) to separate the base from the formation layer and to reinforce the base layer on a weak soil. A geogrid will also protect the formation layer from the movement of machinery when a path's base is built - the continuous movement of heavy machines, transporting materials on to site, over the same ground can cause damage to a soils profile e.g. compaction, wheel rutting.

geotextile in location

Geotextile in location...

For most light use paths, if the formation layer is well drained and reasonable hard, a geotextile sheet and geogrid will not be required. You can use a simple field heel test to check the strength of the soil before deciding whether or not to include these materials in the path's structure.

geotextiles and geogrids

A geogrid and geotextile sheet in a formation tray...

In the longer term, the inclusion of a geotextile sheet and geogrid can be beneficial to the durability of a path. They are a low cost addition that will not vastly affect the path construction price.

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