Constructing earthworks with aggregates

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Various mixed size aggregate mixtures are available for constructing earthworks, which are made of natural or recycled aggregates from quarries, road re-construction or maintenance and construction sites.

The following aggregate mixtures, based on the Specification of Highway Works (SHW) are:

Class 1A Well Graded Granular Material

This is a bulk fill material which ranges in aggregate sizes of between 90mm down to dust. There is no limit on how much of the mixture is large or small. So, it could be available as 75mm down to dust, or 40mm down to dust.

For more information on Class 1A take a look here.

Class 6F5 Selected Granular Material

This is a capping layer fill material which contains crushed concrete, recycled asphalt, and possibly crushed brick. The aggregate sizes are defined as 80mm down to dust. It has a good distribution of large and small particle sizes that ensures some interlocking and less voids between particles. This material when compacted to refusal with a roller will produce a much stronger layer than Class 1A.

For more information on Class 6F5 take a look here.

Class 6F3 Selected Granular Material

This aggregate mixture consisting of 100% recycled road planings and asphalt has same aggregate size distribution as Class 6F5.

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