Travel Actively

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Active travel - we can all do it

Your everyday decisions about how you get from A to B can make a real difference to your health and to our environment.

Walking or cycling for short daily journeys brings lots of benefits

  • Pedestrians EdinburghIts social - chatting to friends and neighbours as you go 
  • Saves you money – less spend on fares and fuel 
  • You’ll feel cheerier – physical activity relieves stress and boost mental health 
  • Less traffic on our streets 
  • Cleaner air 
  • More passers by supporting our local shops and services 

Tips to help you travel actively

  • everyday cylingWalk your children to school
  • Walk or cycle to work, to the local shops, to the doctor, to the library, to visit friends 
  • Travel by bus and train more often (you’ll have to walk at either end of your journey!) 
  • Get off the bus a couple of stops early and walk the rest 
  • Check out walking routes near you on Walk It 
  • Check out cycling routes near you on the Sustrans website
  • Download your free “Journeys. A Greener Way from A to B” app from Greener Scotland 

Promoting active travel

If you or your organisation are interested in promoting active travel, we have lots of information, case studies and support to help you. Read more here.

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