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There are many ways to introduce walking in schools. The 3 resources below will help you to set up a walking group with young people or introduce walking to class time. For paper copies of Happy Feet or Walk Out contact 01259 218888 or

Also see promoting walking with young people for more advice and support outwith the school setting.Click to open the Happy Feet resource

Happy Feet

A resource for primary schools

This booklet provides information on all aspects of setting up a walking project in primary schools. It's aimed at teachers and classroom assistants who are keen to take children outside as part of their learning time and encourage them to be more active. Full of fun and educational outdoor games and activities, there are also planning recommendations and tools which are straightforward to use.

Click to open the Walk Out resource 

Walk Out

Upbeat stories from walking with young people

This collection of 9 case studies has been gathered from walking projects which have taken place in primary and secondary schools across Scotland. Each project describes its development from planning stage to securing funding, recruiting volunteer support and maintaining pupil motivation and interest. The projects are varied and describe aspects which worked well, as well as a few difficulties encountered along the way.


Click to open the Simple Steps resource

Simple Steps to Success

Using pedometers with young people

This step-by-step guide aims to assist teachers or group leaders who are interested in using pedometers in walking projects with school-aged children. Divided into sections, the guide takes you through the steps of planning, implementing and evaluating a pedometer-based project. Each section explores some key messages, information, ideas and provides some examples, quotes and frequently asked questions.

The main message is that effective projects need time for planning, preparation and follow-up if they are to have the impact you are looking for. To help guide you through the stages of planning, delivery and monitoring, a sample implementation model is included. 

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