Lily's Walking Story

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Untitled design40Since joining the West Dunbartonshire Health Walks, Lily has noticed an increase in her confidence, and a decrease in her weight. This is what Lily had to say about her experience of a Health Walk:

"I joined a health walk on the recommendation of a weight management group I was attending; they said it would be good for me to join a health walk or an exercise club. I preferred the idea of joining a walking group and the weight management group did some research and found the Paths for All website. They gave me numbers to contact so I could find a group near where I lived, and I picked this one.

I had both weight and health problems, they were the main reasons for joining a walk, and since then I’ve lost 2 stone in weight. I also have a lot more energy now for going out and doing other things, other than sitting around the house all the time.

The Alexandria walking group is very handy for me to get to and nice to be on local grounds and to meet local people.

At first when you come down to meet the group, you feel a wee bit nervous but when I met up with the group and got to know everybody, they were very friendly and very encouraging and it’s a lovely group that I’ve joined. I feel very at ease with them

I feel that I am more comfortable around people, and I have the confidence to open up and talk to them more, something that I didn’t do before.

A lot of people know that I go to the health walk and I’ve told them its been very good and I enjoy it, especially the company that I go out on the health walk with.

If anyone ever asked about joining, I would highly recommend it, as it would be the best thing they’ve ever done."

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