Health and Social Care Professionals and Walking

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health professionals Walking is the perfect activity to offer to patients, clients or staff teams. Paths for All are keen to work in partnership with health professionals and we will support you to get your client group more active.

Our Health Walks

Many approaches are possible: you could refer your patients to a local walking for health group, use our Pedometer Packs in your clinical setting, or link up with an existing Walking for Health Project. Health Professionals can refer to Paths for All Walking for Health groups with confidence - the Medical Protection Society Endorsement explains why.

Useful Information

You might like to read our health and wellbeing case studies to find out the impact walking has had on people's lives. The why walk? section gives information about a range of health conditions and how walking can improve or benefit health. 23 and 1/2 hours is a short film clip which gives compelling evidence about why walking is the best medicine! in 2011 the Chief Medical Officers of the 4 home countries in the UK worked together to produce physical activity guidelines for the British population. Useful fact sheets covering the entire age span can be downloaded.

Read our case study from a physiotherapist who has successfully promoted walking to benefit her patients' recovery from cancer. icon Promoting walking with cancer patients (94.74 kB)


Strength and Balance

Our Walk Your Way to Better Strength and Balance programme offer training and resources to help you combine strength and balance exercises with advice on walking to help older adults stay active and independent.


We can offer a range of training courses to help you and your staff team to understand more about promoting walking to clients and patients. Take a look at our Training for Health and Social Care Professionals page to learn more about our Walk Leader Training, Promoting Walking Workshop and Strength and Balance Training.

'Walk More Feel the Difference' Leaflet

Our 'Walk More feel the difference!' leaflet gives simple information for you to give to patients and clients to help them understand the benefits of walking. You can order these together with matching leaflet holders. Orders of up to 100 leaflets (and postage) are free to Walking for Health schemes, community groups and voluntary organisations. There will be a charge of 20p per leaflet (plus postage at cost) for other orders. The leaflet holders are free. Please send your order, stating how many leaflets and holders you would like by email or call the main office on 01259 218888

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