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A layer of well graded, compacted granular sub base or open graded aggregate, which forms the load bearing structural part of a path below the surface. Transfers user loads from the surface to the ground (formation level). It is also the layer beneath the binder course of a bitmac or asphalt path.


Recommended depth of sub base layer based on soil hardness (strength):

  • Very hard (no heel imprint visible) - 50mm sub base layer depth.

  • Firm (small hell imprint visible) - 100mm to 150mm sub base layer depth.

  • Medium (medium hell imprint visible) - 150mm to 200mm sub base layer depth.

  • Soft (large hell imprint visible) - 200mm to 300mm sub base layer depth.

  • Very soft (very large imprint visible) - 300mm to 500mm sub base layer depth.

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