What are other organisations doing?

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Here you will find a brief summary of the work of other organisations on active travel and links from organisation names to their websites.

Living Streets Scotland
Living Streets work with professionals and politicians to make sure every community can enjoy vibrant streets and public spaces. Their Walk to School and Walk to Work campaigns reach every area of Scotland. Through their Walkable Communities project, they empower community groups to deliver improvements to their walking environment.

Sustrans Scotland
Working with communities, the Scottish Government, local authorities and other partners to ensure that the people of Scotland have access to a network of safe walking and cycling routes.

Cycling Scotland
Cycling Scotland is the national cycle promotion organisation for Scotland.  They’re working to establish cycling as an acceptable, attractive and practical lifestyle option. They want to make Scotland a nation of cyclists.

Transform Scotland
Transform Scotland is the national alliance for sustainable transport, bringing together organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors. They campaign for a society where everyone can have their travel needs met within the limits of a transport system that is environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive and economically responsible.

Ramblers Scotland
Ramblers Scotland is the representative body for walkers in Scotland and is part of Britain’s walking charity, the Ramblers, with a long tradition of working for all who enjoy walking.

Go Bike! Strathclyde Cycle Campaign
The campaign exists to promote cycling in the Strathclyde area of Scotland, and is active mainly within Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, and East Renfrewshire.

Greener Scotland
Greener Scotland is your one-stop website for greener living, provided by the Scottish Government. This site combines a wide range of information and a heap of resources to help everyone in the country go greener together. You’ll find all sorts of advice on how to save energy, reduce waste, travel smarter and eat greener.

Choose Another Way
The resource centre for organisations in Scotland wanting to reduce the costs, environmental impacts and duty of care risks associated with how we work and travel. It is provided by the Scottish Government.

Physical Activity & Health Alliance
The Scottish Physical Activity and Health Alliance is a network that engages a variety of people from different sectors and professions who are involved in the promotion of physical activity and health in Scotland. It helps to inform people, connect people with others and to aid policy development and implementation.

Central Scotland Green Network
The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) is changing the face of Central Scotland, by restoring and transforming the landscape of central Scotland. It will comprise: A strategic network of woodland and other habitats, active travel routes, greenspace links, watercourses and waterways, providing an enhanced setting for development and other land uses and improved opportunities for outdoor recreation and cultural activity.

Cyclist Touring Club Scotland
CTC Scotland brings together representatives of Member Groups, and other organisations, to discuss and deal with matters relating to cycling in Scotland.

Spokes is the Lothian Cycle Campaign – a non party political voluntary organisation, founded in 1977, and now with a membership of over 1000.  SPOKES has a long history of effective campaigning for better conditions for cyclists, especially in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Scottish Access Technical Information network
The Scottish Access Technical Information Network was set up in 2009 to share good practice and to support people interested and involved in design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure for active travel, outdoor access and mountain biking.

Scottish Outdoor Access Network
The Scottish Outdoor Access Network (SOAN) brings together over 200 people across Scotland who work on outdoor access and related issues. SOAN organises two national networking events every year, plus occasional workshops and events on topical access issues.

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