Path Skillz - Inspiring young people to make a difference

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Path Skillz is an exciting 5-day learning experience which equips young people with the knowledge and practical skills they need to successfully plan, manage and deliver a community path project. Our mission is to inspire young people to take the lead in path development activities in their local community.

Path Skillz provides young people with an accredited, progressive, inclusive and interactive learning experience which aims to:

  • Build confidence, self esteem and resilience

  • Provide opportunities for young people to learn and new and transferable skills

  • Encourage young people to get more physically active outdoors

  • Provide young people with a gateway to employability

  • Encourage young people to actively participate in their local communities

Path Skillz is developed and delivered by our Active Environments team and is funded by Scottish Natural Heritage.

What is involved in the course?

Over the course of 4 modules participants will work in a team to problem solve and plan how they will upgrade a path in their local community before finally applying their knowledge to improve their identified path, gaining practical skills in the process. As well as gaining skills in project planning, path management and community engagement, participants will be given opportunities to develop stronger communication, team work and presentation skills.

The 4 modules are made up of

  • Module 1 (2 days)- Planning your Path Project
  • Module 2 (2 days) – Gaining Practical Skills to improve your path
  • Module 3 (7-12 hours) - Promoting your project (Optional)
  • Module 4 (1/2 day) - Evaluating your success

When and where will the course be delivered?

The programme will be delivered on dates which suit your group and can include day, evening or weekend sessions. The course can be spread out over one week or several weeks depending on the needs of the group. Our Paths for All trainers will deliver the programme on site at the location of your choosing. 

Who can take part in the course?

The course is aimed at organisations who work with disadvantaged young people aged 16-25. However, consideration may be given to young people aged 14+ if the organisation has insurance to cover the work involved.

What we need from you?

You need to provide:

  • A member(s) of staff, who is adequately experienced and trained in working with the young people, to support them for the duration of the training programme
  • A suitable venue for the course
  • A more detailed list of requirements will be sent once you have expressed an interest in this course

Is the course accredited?

As part of the course, young people will have the option to use it towards a dynamic youth award which is SQA accredited to level 3. Find out more information about the award here

How much does this course cost?

The course is free to the youth organisations in Scotland. Path Skillz is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.

How can I find out more?

Read updates from the young people taking part in the course on the Path Skillz blog.

Paths for All are currently seeking out organisations who think their young people would love to take part in the Path Skillz programme.

To register your interest in this course, please go to the following link

Please note that as we have limited spaces for this course we will not be able to guarantee to provide a course for all organisations who have expressed an interest. We however will endeavour to accommodate all groups where possible.

To find out more information get in touch with Roxanne Kerr on or 01259 222395

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