York two-in-one field gate

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A typical problem in field gate design is to provide a wide, lockable access for vehicles and machinery, while still making it easy for walkers, cyclists and horse riders to get through.

york two in one field gate long handle oatridge college

On a path that is likely to get a lot of use by horse riders, or people with buggies, mobility scooters or wheelchairs, you also need to allow a good wide turning space next to the gate. Adequate space makes using the gate much easier, because people can open and close it without having to venture off the path surface onto the grass verge alongside. Cyclists will appreciate plenty of space to manoeuvre too.

york two in one field gate turning space oatridge college

This ingenious design meets all these needs. The full width gate can be locked, so only authorised vehicles can get through. The hinge and bolt mechanism in the middle then allows the gate to fold, providing a wide enough gap for all users. The gate here has been installed with a generous turning circle, making it a good example of a access control that follows the 'least restrictive option' philosophy.

york two in one field gate drop bolt oatridge college

If you would like full details of the York two-in-one field gates installed at Oatridge College, including installation instructions, you will find more information about it from Centrewire Ltd, who supplied the gate.

york two in one field gate short handle oatridge college

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