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What is it?

A semi-bound surface made from concrete, blaes, and screened road planings on top of a Type 1 granular sub base, laid on geotextile in a formation tray. Toptrec is a proprietary, 100% recycled path surfacing product made by Tarmac Recycling Limited in West Lothian, Central Scotland. It is available in two colours, brick red and black. Unfortunately it is not available anywhere else in Scotland.

red toptrec path oatridge college2

How does it work?

Toptrec, generally graded as 20mm to dust, contains significant quantities of fine particles. When wetted, the particles start to 'set' and then 'harden' when dry. The screened road planings bind the finer materials together and make the surface easier to lay and compact.

red toptrec surface oatridge college

What are the benefits?

Toptrec can provide a number of benefits as a path surface:

  • An easily workable material which does not harden quickly after delivery. This allows plenty of time for getting the material into difficult work sites (stockpiling for a few days on site before laying is fine).

  • A more robust surface on gradients where an unbound surface like whin dust would wear away.

  • A suitable alternative to unbound surfaces where a bound surface like bitmac is not acceptable in the landscape setting.

  • A cheaper surface to install than a bound surface.

red toptrec path oatridge college

Is it suitable?

Toptrec may be susceptible to wear and tear if it is still loose and has not hardened off, but can be easily maintained and repaired. It may need occasional repair on steeper gradients, but not to the same extent as an unbound surface.

Toptrec has reasonably good binding and compaction properties. Once hard, it provides a durable surface for most path users, especially in rural or urban fringe settings. It may be loose and dusty at first, but will 'harden' to the point of becoming impermeable after a period of continuous use.

black toptrec path oatridge college

How much will it cost?

Toptrec path construction may cost between £25 - £35/ linear metre.

How do you install it?

For best results, lay Toptrec while it is damp to a depth of 50mm to 100mm, using a mini paving machine. Compact to refusal with a heavy vibrating roller (120 type roller is recommended) to ensure adequate binding and compaction. Where access is difficult for a mini paving machine, a drag box can be used instead and will lay the material reasonably well. Where hand laying is necessary, take care not to over-rake the material when spreading and levelling it. Over-raking will separate the coarser and finer materials, with the larger material coming to the top.

mini paver laying toptrec

Detailed drawing - Toptrec path

If you like the look of the Toptrec path at Oatridge College, as a potential path surface for your project, download the detail drawing here icon Toptrec Path - Detail Drawing

For a generic standard detail drawing and specification details, download them here icon Toptrec Path - Standard Detail Drawing & Specification Details

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