Testing the suitability of surface materials

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Have you ever thought about testing the suitability of path surfacing materials before using them?  Have you ever been in any doubt as to how a particular as dug or imported material will perform as a surface when used by bikes, feet, and hooves?

test materials picNot knowing how surfacing materials perform could result in a great deal of time and money wasted.  Importing materials to site when as dug materials may be suitable and using as dug or imported materials that do not work the way you think they will may be an expensive mistake.

Both problems can be avoided by completing an easy-to-perform surface materials test that simulates the effects of compaction, displacement, and erosion in wet and dry conditions on any potential surfacing material.  The simple test, which can be carried out indoors or outdoors, only needs a small material sample, some basic tools and water. The surface material test is very useful method for assessing samples of unfamiliar surfacing materials before making the decision to dig them up or buy and transport them to site to use.

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