SHE boxes on drawings

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Are you aware that:

  • a drawing prepared for a path is a design

  • if you prepare a drawing for a path you are performing the function of a designer

  • a designer has legal responsibilities to meet under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

The CDM Regulations 2015 are a set of health and safety regulations that contain all the legal responsbilities for planning, designing and managing a path project. As well as the health and safety standards expected on a path construction site.

One of legal responsibilities, as a designer under the CDM Regulations 2015, is the effective communication of information about significant safety or health risks from the design of structures, to contractors and other designers.

CDM Regulations 2015 encourages the practice of providing brief, clear and concise information about significant risks on drawings.

To undertake this best practice, you can display a Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) box on drawings.

she box

SHE boxes can be used to communicate information about significant risks from the design of a structure, which remain and can cause harm. This best practice can be undertaken by a designer as part of design process at design phase. They will have to identify significant risks that are construction related, which can be show on 'construction' drawings. And remaining risks that are user or future maintenance related, which can be shown on 'as built' drawings.

Benefit of SHE boxes:

  • They encourage and deliver behavioural change. A designer needs to identify and declare the significant risks they are creating through their designs to people who need to know about them

  • They can be used on 'construction' drawings to inform the contractor's workers, who are most likely to be harmed. SHE boxes on the drawings makes the risks identifiable to the contractor. This allows them to put appropriate precautions in place when undertaking the work to protect their workers

  • They can be used on 'as built' drawings to inform people about remaining risks that may harm them, when carrying out future maintenance work.

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