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Review Report of Adopt A Path (AAP) within Scotland

In recent years an AAP approach has been taken up by councils in England and Wales particularly as part of the Parish Paths Partnership (P3). In Scotland there is some activity but it is still relatively rare. However, there is an increased enthusiasm from access authorities and various community groups to ensure that issues such as path maintenance and the upholding of wider access rights are not compromised by reduced budgets and a limited staff resource.

This report does not give a complete audit of all AAP activity but gives a brief review of examples of the AAP approach which can be used to assist the formation of new groups or strengthen existing activity. The report does not detail groups who are carrying out other path related activities such as historical research, path promotion or ‘one-off’ projects such as construction of bridges.

The review examined a number of AAP- type projects in greater detail and a series of case studies have been produced. The range of inspirational case studies provide specific examples of what others have achieved, their benefits to the individuals involved and the path networks themselves.   It is hoped that the wider dissemination of AAP good practice showcased in these case studies will encourage access authorities and community and other groups to be inspired into action in their own areas.

To further assist wider take up of the AAP approach a practical ‘Toolkit’ has been produced which gives a range of options that can be used by local groups, access authorities and other organisations to set up and manage AAP schemes in their area.   The Toolkit gives a selection of generic suggestions on topics such as group organisation, tools and materials and where to find to help with the day-to-day running of an AAP management approach and/or group.


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