Recommendations for Action

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Conclusions and Recommendations

Gaps in Support and Incentives

Many communities and groups still need capacity/confidence building through training and networking opportunities with more established APP groups.

APP activities need to be seen as not just looking after paths because it’s a ‘nice thing to do’ but because of the benefits a good path network can bring to a community.

 There is a potentially  massive AAP community workforce who could help to unlock the potential benefits already highlighted in this report of self-help AAP projects  throughout Scotland.

Recommendations for Action

These recommendations are based on findings from the detailed case studies and other research.

1.         Lessons should be learned from the way paths were successfully adopted as a way of delivering health benefits. If this process can be repeated to individuals and groups interested in safe routes to school, local businesses, reducing dependence on private cars then perhaps more people will get involved.

2.         However, there also needs to be a strong and adequately resourced support mechanism in places from Access Authorities and organisations such as PFA and CSGN

3.         Such a mechanism would not only deliver the specific benefits of paths but also the wider Scottish Government aims of more sustainable and resilient communities.

4.         Perhaps this additional support could also help to harness and leave a very positive and lasting legacy from the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

5.         Particular attention needs to be paid to breaking down barriers (perceived and otherwise) that are holding back communities particularly those in the CSGN area.

6.         Access Authorities and other agencies and organisations should build further AAP partnerships to help deliver services and reduce the   adverse impact of public service cuts.   However, this in itself will         require additional staff and funding. The models of Outdoor Access Trusts should be examined to see if they can be adapted for urban areas. Care should be taken to avoid duplication of roles with other    organisations such as the Central Scotland Forest Trust.


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