Oatridge College

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Oatridge College, Scotland's largest landbased college, is an ideal setting for our demonstration path. Courses at Oatridge College include Agriculture, Countryside Management, Landscaping, and Activity Tourism. It is also home to the Scottish National Equestrian Centre. Just next door is the village of Ecclesmachan, so the path is well used by local residents, students and visitors.

At the start of the path there is a unique gate demonstration area. Gates are a vital part of making access work for land managers, walkers and riders, but there is a bewildering range of designs and materials out there. At Oatridge College, you can try out nine different ways to let people through while keeping livestock, cars and motorbikes where they belong.

gate demonstartion area oatridge college

The path showcases different surfacing materials, including stone pitching that is often used on mountain paths. You can see how skilful design can make a path look as if it belongs in the landscape, and learn how to keep rainwater from washing away all your hard work. There are two bridges crossing a burn, where you can find out just what a challenge it can be to build bridges over troubled water!

Before you go, check out how to get there and download the path guide here. Click the numbers on the map below for more details about the path features in the guide. Click the text on the map for more technical information about how the path or its features were built. You can also use the titles in the menu to the left of the screen. After you have tried the path, do give us your feedback, as we would really like to hear your comments.

The Oatridge College demonstration path has been funded by Scottish Natural Heritage and West Lothian Council, with generous donations from Centrewire Ltd, K Barriers, Signs of Scotland, Shelley Signs, Filcris Ltd, Kacey Ltd and Metrosigns 2000 Ltd.

The paths, bridges, gates and signage were built and installed by Conserve (Environmental Consultants) Ltd and McGowan Outdoor Access. Stone Inspired built the stone walls by the gates, and the willow spiling by the Glentrool bridge was installed by MNV Consulting Ltd. On-site interpretation, the path guide and website text are by James Carter.

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