Links with Local Authorities

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Relationship with Access Authority

In evaluations of AAP schemes one of the key ‘spin-offs’ has been an improved relationship between access authorities and local communities.


AAP projects have also been recognised as an effective delivery mechanism for many local and  national government policies and strategies particularly on health, transport, community planning and economic development.

For example, The Helix Project in Falkirk encouraged community involvement and adoption at the design, development and ‘stewardship’ stages working to a fully integrated plan with a long term vision and ideas for the future. This approach recognises the issue of on-going path maintenance once the capital/development money is spent and new path networks created. Establishing an AAP type scheme early in the process makes the handover from path construction to path maintenance seemless and helps to prevent path deterioration whilst issue of ongoing maintenance is agreed.

For more information about the Helix project please visit the case studies section.

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