Directional signs

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Directional signs are generally used to provide people with information on where a path goes and how far it is to a given destination. They give people the confidence to use paths by making them feel welcome and to help them in places where paths are less clear on the ground. Good directional signs are crucial to ensure a path fulfils its purpose whilst advertising and promoting it. Directional signs can also be used to simply direct people to specific points such as a viewpoint or an access point to a river.

It is important to define the terms used for directional signs:

Finger post - a sign with one or more blades pointing to a destination or destinations. These are usually placed at the start of a path, as well as at junctions with other paths.

Waymarker post - markers along the route at points where the direction of the path may be unclear or where confirmation is required. They are usually very basic, providing simple information on direction only.

For further information about directional signs take a look at Paths for All's good practice guide: icon Signage Guidance for Outdoor Access - A Guide to Good Practice.

The following images from Oatridge College's demonstration path give examples of directional signs made from different materials.

directional sign metal fingerpost

Finger post: powder coated steel post, double aluminimum blades with vinyl graphics on either side (Sign Factory)

directional sign recycledplastic fingerpost routered plastic wording

Finger post: recycled plastic hollow post (includes metal internal sleeve, plast cap), double recycled plastic blades with routered plastic inserts on either side (Filcris Limited)

directional sign softwood fingerpost routered arrow and wording

Finger post: softwood post, double softwood blades with routered arrows and wording (The Osprey Company)

directional sign hardwoodwaymarkerpost screwedon roundell and routered arrow

Waymarker: 1m high oak post, routered arrow, screwed-on aluminimum roundel (Post - Signs of Scotland, roundel - Metrosigns 2000)

directional sign recycledplasticwaymarkerpost routered roundells

Waymarker: 1m high recycled plastic post, routered and screwed-on plastic or aluminimum roundels (Post - Kacey Limited, roundels - Metrosigns 2000)

directional sign softwoodwaymarkerpost routered roundell

Waymarker: 1m high softwood post, routered roundel (Post - Shelley Signs, roundel - Metrosigns 2000)

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