Chiltern gate

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What is it?

Galvanised steel meshed 1.5m wide gate, hung on a 1.9m wide steel H-frame installed in the ground. The gate is fitted with two-way opening self-closing hinges, a spring-operated latch with straight handle known as the 'Easy Latch', and two self-locking catches on either side of the slam post. This gate is also available as a one-way opening, self-closing 1.5m wide gate, hung on a 1.8m wide H-frame.

chiltern gate oatridge college

What are the benefits?

The Chiltern gate can provide a number of benefits:

  • The H-frame is simple and quick to install on site - there is no messing about with getting post holes dug in the right positions or setting the posts in their holes the right distance apart, which can be the case with a timber gate.

  • The H-frame provides a permanent alignment between gate and latch, preventing the gate from dropping and the spring-operated latch from missing the self-locking catches.

  • The spring-operated Easy Latch and two-way opening allows the gate to be easily opened by all users, in either direction, without having to move backwards. This is particularly helpful to horse riders and wheeled users, who would otherwise need to back up to open the gate.

Is it suitable?

This gate is intended to provide access for walkers, wheeled users and horse riders. Here at Oatridge College, the Chiltern two-way opening gate was installed to prevent livestock entering the woodland, whilst providing easy access for most path users.

The Chiltern two-way opening gate can be fitted with a speed controlled closing mechanism that allows the gate to take up to 6 seconds to close, based on local conditions and requirements. This mechanism should be set by following the instructions given in Centrewire's installation instructions, available here.

How much will it cost?

The Chiltern gate here at Oatridge College was donated to the demonstration project. The cost for a contractor to install the gate was £150.00. To find out how much it would cost to purchase either a one-way or two-way opening Chiltern gate (including delivery cost), contact Centrewire Ltd.

How do you install it?

To find out how to assemble, position and install the Chiltern gate, click on this link Chiltern to download Centrewire's installation instructions.

What variations are available?

The one-way opening Chiltern gate can be used instead to provide a reasonably practical stock proof solution, if the gate is installed to open and close on the same side livestock are situated. A right-handed version of the Chiltern one-way opening gate is available for awkward gateways. An optional gate stop can be attached to the frame to make sure the gate self-closes.

To find out more about the Chiltern one-way opening gate, click on this link Chiltern.

The Chiltern gate at Oatridge College demonstration path is fitted with straight handle, but if you are looking for a handle that cannot easily be opened by a cow having a scratch, a stock proof handle is available to replace the straight version. It is suitable for either the two-way or one-way opening gates.

To find out more about the stock proof handle, click on this link stock proof handle.

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