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This attractive parkland, just north of Perth, is the base for a conference centre and offices run by Scottish Natual Heritage. The path wanders through mature woodland and open pasture, making it a popular lunchtime walk for centre staff, as well as the hundreds of conference delegates who visit each year.

attractive path shot through battleby

We have designed the path to showcase path construction materials and techniques that can go into making a route accessible to many different users. In places, the path crosses ground that is often wet - always a challenge for path builders. These damp areas are important for plants and insects, you will see boardwalks and an innovative technique that creates a durable, attractive path that is good for wildlife as well as people.

Before you go, check out how to get there and download the path guide here, which is in both English and Gaelic. You will find more detailed information about the path features by clicking the numbers on the map below, or titles in the menu to the left of the screen. After you have tried the path, do give us your feedback, as we would really like to hear your comments.

The Battleby demonstration path was developed in partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage, who also provided grant aid for the project. The path, boardwalks and other path features were built and installed by Conserve (Environmental Consultants) Ltd and Upland Contracts Ltd. On-site interpretation, the path guide and website text are by James Carter.

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