Walk with a friend

A small act of kindness that could make someone's day

Walk with a friend
Walk with a friend

As our year living with Covid 19 continues life can be especially hard for people who live alone or feel isolated. Inviting someone local for a social stroll could be the small act of kindness that will make their day today.

Under Scotland's level 4 Covid-19 restrictions as of Tuesday 5th January 2021, we can continue to walk outdoors alone, with our own household or with one other person from another household.

The great thing about walking is that people of all ages can do it together -  perhaps you have a local friend or neighbour who'd appreciate a stroll and a chat. Think of people who may feel isolated, it could be an older person, colleague, or a new parent who'd love some company on a local walk.

Our tips for a safe walk together

  • Meeting one friend locally to walk together is permitted under the rules
  • Always walk 2 metres apart from people in other households
  • Stay local, and stick to the travel guidelines
  • Choose a route which is wide enough for you to maintain social distancing
  • Look at weather forecasts and dress appropriately for the weather
  • Consider routes in good condition and clear of ice and snow
  • Here are some tips from the met office on clearing snow and ice from driveways and paths 
  • And our tips for safe winter walking including the 'walk like a penguin' technique
  • Don't share food or drinks - no matter how tempting!
  • Where possible, avoid touching hard surfaces such as walls, fences and park benches.

So, while we must keep each other safe, meeting up with a friend is a thoughtful way to show you care, have a blether and enjoy some fresh air together while ticking off the days of lockdown.

To take part in our #WalkOnceADay this winter campaign or share with a friend, hop over to our campaign page.