Families: Two-minute tasks

Kids telling you they're bored? Here's a few tasks to keep them - and nature - happy.

If you’ve got kids you’ll probably hear the dreaded call of “I’m bored!”. Pop on some shoes, grab a coat and take them for a short walk. You can even get up to some useful activities to keep them occupied and to help your local path networks and greenspaces. 

Here are some two-minute tasks that you and your family can get involved with while out and about.

Pop on some gloves, pick up some litter and put it in a bin. Make sure you stay safe and be careful around broken glass and sharp objects. You might want to leave them and pick up other litter.

Gather fallen twigs and branches from the path. Pop it into a small pile out of the way and make a habitat pile for mini-beasts.

Take a cloth or wipe and clean a direction or information sign along the path.  Make sure you take your cloth home or pop the wipe in a bin.

If branches have grown across the path and are making it difficult to walk then get an adult to prune them. You can put the branches in your habitat pile.

Tell others about your walk and how you’re enjoying it. Pop a picture on social media and tag us. Or just tell your friends and family where you went and what it was like.

Report any major path problems to your local access officer or litter team.