Listen up when you head out

Are you treading the same routes day after day as we stick to the ‘stay local’ message? Here's a few listening recommendations to help you keep things interesting

Listening to music and podcasts for entertainment on solo walks

As we all stay close to home in this phase of lockdown, don't let things get dull on a daily walk. One way to mix things up is your in-ear entertainment.

We’ve partnered with RHA Audio this week, who have kindly donated wireless earphones and a few other treats as a prize for this week’s lucky walker. Here's what Christopher from their team has said about winter walking:

"We’re a small company based in Glasgow – but for the last 10 months we’ve all been based at home. Walking and listening have both been invaluable during a challenging year – it’s easy to fall into the habit of staying in all the time, so fresh air and physical activity have really helped break the day up. 

"As an audio company, we get to see first-hand the difference that music and audio can make; the right song can completely change your mood, get you going, or bring a memory rushing back." 

Here's a few ideas to keep your ears busy on a winter walk:

5 Podcasts to take on your next walk

Because sometimes you want conversation, stories and infotainment.
From history, to wellbeing and celebrity dog walks!  Check out this blog from Frances, one of the Paths for All team who walks us through 5 great podcasts for your next walk.

30 minutes of great tunes

Listening to music can make you want to move, and help you keep a pace if you want to keep things brisk. As we’ve teamed up with Glasgow-based RHA Audio this week, we asked the sound experts to pull together a playlist of what's been occupying their ears on daily walks.

20 minutes to relax your mind

If the uncertainty of lockdown life has you feeling anxious, try tuning into Mind to Walk, our walking meditation, calmly narrated by the familiar tones of Edith Bowman. The 20-minute recording will help you leave worries at the door while you wander into the open fresh air.

Join us to walk once a day

If you haven't already joined our winter walkers, you can take the pledge to #WalkOnceADay