A natural boost

Yes, it's winter, but there is still so much nature to enjoy when we step out.

Noticing nature on winter walks

Being out in nature gives us an extra feel good factor. It's shown to boost mental health and promote our sense of wellbeing.

Here's some things to do this winter to help you notice nature as we await the change of seasons. 

Look more closely

There is beauty in the small details at this time of year. Look at the patterns in the frost, snow balanced on a branch, and of course keep an eye out for the first tiny buds of spring.

Look up

Make a point of noticing the sky. The light and cloud formations can be beautiful in winter.  Looking at the sky can evoke feelings of optimism.  So next time you’re out on a walk – or staring out the window during a working day – remember to look up.

Get to know your birds

RSPB are holding their Big Garden Birdwatch on 29th January. They've some excellent tools to help you get to know the species you're seeing out and about right now. Taking part helps to give data to RSPB to increase understanding of the challenges faced by wildlife. 

And your trees

Living under pandemic restrictions you might find yourself getting a little tired of the same local routes. You can make it more interesting by getting to know it better. Maybe your curious about the tree species you're seeing? The Woodland Trust have a free tree ID app, like an A-Z tree guide in your pocket to help you identify trees in your local parks and forests. And yes! you can use this in winter when there aren't any leaves on the trees.