Keeping safe while enjoying local spring walks

Tips to keep yourself and other nature lovers safe as you spot the signs of spring!

Spring blossom

Published: 10 April 2020

It’s blooming spring!

As we step into Spring 2020, we can all appreciate the season whether that be from our window, garden or during our daily walk. This period of social distancing, due to the coronavirus pandemic, can make us appreciate our daily walks, local paths and the outdoor experience more than ever.

We’ve also been advised to stay away from busy areas which means that some people are wandering away from pavements into quieter places. Doing this brings opportunities to see more of nature, discover new places on our doorsteps and say an appropriately distanced hello to other locals as you pass.

Spring sights and sounds to inspire you to enjoy the outdoors

  • Trees will be starting to bud and new green leaves uncurling.
  • One of the cutest signs of spring is the sight of gambolling lambs, you’ll see them if you are lucky to live close to farmland.
  • A host of golden daffodils – one of the cheeriest Springiest flowers around!
  • As the days get gradually lighter, listen to the birds singing especially during the dawn chorus – one you can enjoy even if you are indoors.
  • Look out for the first bumblebees of the season.
  • Blooming cherry blossom goes hand in hand with the arrival of spring.
  • For more of the cute factor, one of the most common animals associated with spring renewal are ducklings. 
  • Walking in Bluebell Woods is a magical experience - if you are lucky enough to live close to one.
  • If you live near a pond, you might spot frogspawn or tadpoles.

Tips to keep yourself and other nature lovers safe as you walk locally

At the time of writing the current Government guidance is that people who are not self-isolating can continue to enjoy outdoor exercise each day such as a walk or cycle. Please see the latest guidance on the Government website.

Find your way safely this spring: 

  • Stay local and enjoy walks right from your front door and please do not travel in your car to take exercise
  • Wash your hands before you leave and when you return home.
  • Leave plenty of space - at least 2 metres - when passing others. This courtesy may mean stepping onto verges, slowing down or waiting at a wider part of a path or pavement to let others pass.
  • Try to avoid touching gates and fences if you can. If you do, don’t touch your face, and wash your hands as soon as you can afterwards. 
  • If you are walking close by or in farmland, remember that farm work is essential and farmers will be using gates and infrastructure for work purposes. Keep a safe distance especially during the busy lambing season.
  • Dog walkers, particularly should be careful during the spring and check out the Dog Owners Leaflet for more info 
  • More information is available through the ‘Ministerial statement on access rights during COVID-19’ published 9 April 2020