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Technical drawings to support public access improvements.

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This guidance manual has been produced by the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association. It provides land managers with information and advice on all aspects of managing outdoor access. Paths for All provided funding support to produce the document.

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file icon Client CDM Guidance 03/29/2016 Hits: 2776

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This 44-page guide is intended primarily for those who are taking the lead in the preparation of Core Paths Plans, but it will also be helpful to anyone who has a part to play in the process, for example access authority and public agency staff, local access forum members, land managers, community activists and recreational organisations.
This 35-page booklet provides information and guidance that we hope will encourage more local action for paths.
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This set of Factsheets has been produced by the British Horse Society in association with SNH and the Paths for All Partnership. They complement the summary Information Sheet contained in the Lowland Path Construction Guide and provide details on principles, path construction, surfacing, gates, bridges, water crossings and road crossings when providing for equestrian use.

This price guide gives estimated costs to help you estimate the price of your path project. Prices are correct at August 2014. 

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Sustrans new design manual on latest in good practice design for encouraging active travel.  The handbook is the first in a library of guidance that Sustrans has made available in 2014.

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file icon Outdoor Access Design Guide 03/16/2017 Hits: 5188

This 34-page guide is intended for those who are involved in preparing or reviewing an outdoor access strategy.

A complete guide to providing bridges on paths. All aspects are covered from planning to maintenance. Replaces the Countryside Comission for Scotland guide 'Footbridges in the Countryside' (1989)

  •  Planning Ahead - Who and how to consult, deciding how to get the bridge designed and installed, permissions and legalities and how to meet user needs.
  • Site assesment and survey - Choosing and measuring the best bridge site.
  • Form and Function - Choosing the right bridge for the right place, assessing loadings
  • Design Considerations - All the components of a bridge discussed
  • Construction and Maintenance - Getting the bridge installed and ensuring it lasts a lifetime.
  • Technical Sheets - details and specifications for all bridge components plus flood estimation, materials, joints and fastners.
  • Standard Designs - a number of standard bridge designs suitable for a range of users and spans up to 9m.
  • Case Studies - A number of bridge projects discussed to give an insite into design and implementation options.
  • Glossary - The bridge builders dictionary
  • Further information - sources of other information on bridges, useful constacts plus relevant standards and Codes of Practice.

'Path Bridges' costs £40.  Contact Paths for All to order a copy.

file icon Path Grading Symbols 10/30/2014 Hits: 2848

This is a compressed folder containing the 4 symbols required to implement the Path Grading System. The symbol graphics are supplied in jpeg and vector format. The PDF of the Path Managers Guide to Grading is also enclosed, which explains how the symbols should be used.

file icon Path Grading System Evidence 09/30/2014 Hits: 3212

Presentation given by Brainbox Research giving overview of the evidence behind the development of the Path Grading System.

Presentation given by Paths for All and Forestry Commission Scotland, giving overview of the of the new Path Grading System.

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