Refresher Course for Volunteer Walk Leaders


Overview  The Refresher Volunteer Walk Leader Workshop is a half day course that has been set up after feedback from both volunteers and scheme coordinators. The workshop will support existing walk leaders by refreshing and reinforcing the key elements of leading a Paths for All community health walk.

SI_course_feb_2011_028aDate  This course is held regularly around Scotland.

Location  At a range of community venues around Scotland.

Cost  £350 half day course up to 20 delegates (this does not include catering & venue hire). A Grant is available to cover the cost of training please contact Paths for All for more info.

Who is the course aimed at?  Volunteer Walk Leaders who are involved with leading walks locally. This course is most appropriate for volunteers who have attended walk leader training 2 years ago or more.

What will I learn?  The course covers 5 key elements:

  1. Current levels and recommendations of physical activity for health.
  2. Measuring moderate intensity physical activity
  3. Setting the right pace
  4. Reasons why people drop in and out of health walks
  5. Ways to Move people on to other activities

How do I book on?  This course is for walk leaders who are already involved in a local walking scheme, so your first contact to discuss this course should be with your local walking for health scheme coordinator.

For more information   If you are a scheme coordinator or someone who has set up a walking for health project as part of an organisation or community group please contact Paths for All to find out more about offering this course to your volunteers.

For more information email Marion Munro or call her on 01259 222336