5 Alive!

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Written by Carl

Team 5 Alive from Dumfries and Galloway College have been getting creative! They sent in the poem and image below about helping each other keep up their step counts. I'm glad I took the stairs this morning... 


Team 5 Alive

'5 Alive' has stepping wealth

To meet a challenge to improve our health

For each a target we must meet

By deploying movement to our feet

Sometimes a reminder is not missed

To use the stairs instead of the lift

For it can be a challenge each agrees

Some of us creak or have dodgy knees

But each extra step we struggle to take

A healthy '5 Alive' this challenge will make

The team are in the challenge for a number of reasons including; dropping a dress size for a special event, to train for a cross trainer marathon (to walk the equivalent of 26 miles over the course of a day), to be greener by not using the car as much and generally feeling and looking healthier.

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