Our History


Magnus Magnusson KBE, first Chairman and President of Paths for AllThe Paths for All Initiative, of which the Paths for All Partnership was a key component, was established by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) in 1994 under SNH’s original Enjoying the Outdoors Policy. The Initiative’s purpose was to create local path networks throughout Scotland for the enjoyment of local people and visitors.

The Paths for All Partnership became formally established as a Scottish Charity in 1996 in response to the growing demand for more paths near to where people live and work.  Membership of the Partnership includes organisations representing all kinds of interest groups and path users from cyclists, land managers, walkers and local authorities to horse riders, health, planning and environment specialists and because paths exist on water as well as land - kayakers and canoeists. 

The first Chairman, and later the first and only President, of the Paths for All Partnership was writer, broadcaster and outdoors enthusiast, Magnus Magnusson.  Magnus played a unique and leading role in the protection and promotion of Scotland's natural heritage until his death in 2007. In 2002, it was Magnus who launched Scotland’s national programme to encourage walking for health which became well known  as ‘Paths to Health'. To date, the programme has trained more than 3,000 volunteer walk leaders in 300 hundred community and workplace walking initiatives across Scotland.

Following re-branding in 2009 all of our activities across outdoor access, path networks, and walking for health are now carried out under the single name, Paths for All.